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2 New Places to Check Out on an Alabama Beach Trip

If you are planning to squeeze in one last beach trip before school starts or the summer is over, I've got 2 new places that you MUST try! 

A couple of weeks ago we went on our annual Family Vacation to Orange Beach, AL. We've traveled to Orange Beach every summer for the past 5 or so years and have a list of our favorite restaurants. We heard of a new restaurant called Playa and found out it had been opened up by the people who own our top favorite restaurant, Fishers, so we knew we had to try it. I'm so glad we did! 


The atmosphere and interiors are PERFECT. It's got a modern, light, and colorful vibe with colors focusing on pinks, greens, whites, and light wood tones. I flipped out when I walked in. I think I said at one point, "If I had a beach house, I'd want it to look like this." 

The cuisine is slightly upscale Mexican. My table ordered Fish and Shrimp Tacos, Mexican street corn, chips and queso, and a pulled chicken plate. Everything was delicious, super flavorful, and colorful! We definitely had not had any food like this at the beach. 


We loved it and we can't wait to go back! Plus, they have a great outdoor dining set up that overlooks a marina. Boats and Tacos? Yes please. 

Switching gears to coffee. If you know Luke and me, you know that coffee isn't just a drink. It's a whole experience. One day soon I'll share Luke's coffee set up in our home. He's a live-in barista and I'm not mad about it. Currently, he's experimenting with homemade syrups... it's awesome. 

Anyways, a couple of years ago our friends Christian and Courtney Hilley opened up a coffee shop in Mobile, AL. Since then, Luke and I always make it a priority to stop at their shop on our way in and out of our beach travels since we travel straight through Mobile. Their shop, Chaleur Coffee, has been awesome from day one, but they just moved to a brand new location! 


Their new shop has such a great vibe, yummy treats, delicious coffee, and friendly baristas behind the bar. They've just started roasting their own coffee and making their own chocolate. You heard me. They have a chocolatier! I sampled the Pistachio Chocolate and it is heavenly! They make their own coffee syrups and bake their own treats! It's seriously mega impressive. 


We're so proud of these guys! They're killing it in Mobile and who knows what they are going to do next?! The next time you're in Mobile, or close to Mobile, go check out their new shop and tell them that you're our friends!