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Our Morning at La Brioche

La Brioche is the cutest and most delicious French patisserie definitely in Mississippi and I would go so far to wager that it's the best in the South. Every time I walk through the orange doors my eyes light up at the swoon-worthy display case overflowing with treats. Oh and the smell. It smells AMAZING. It's definitely a treat for all the senses when I get to go to La Brioche. 


Before I continue, yes, I eat Keto and do Intermittent Fasting. Everything I'm going to show and share with you about our experience is NOT Keto. But, because I'm a human and not a robot, I fully enjoyed every bite of food I ate and did not let this experience derail me from my progress and commitment to the Keto Way of Eating. 

Having a healthy relationship with food doesn't mean that you demonize food and can never consume anything that's off plan. It means that you are in control over yourself and your cravings and are able to enjoy occasional delicacies without taking 5 steps back. 

Luke was leaving that afternoon for a weekend work trip/visit to one of our greatest couple friends, Chandan and Laura Bangar, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Production operates at their church. So, we were making the most out of our morning together! 

To me, this display cabinet of goodies is the ultimate splurge food. Everything is carefully made with such care and you CAN TELL. I ordered a ham and cheese soufflé,  Luke ordered a ham and cheese croissant, and we split a chocolate almond croissant. It was pure heaven. 

Even better than the delicious treats was our conversation. When you're at home in your everyday routines, it's easy to talk about the same things over and over or not really talk about anything. It's always a good move for us to break up our patterns, go somewhere out of the ordinary, and get into a new setting. For Luke and me, that's when we have the best conversations! We talked through what God has been showing us individually, checked in with each other and how we're doing with our Adoption waiting, and shared dreams of our our future family will be like. It was the perfect way to send him off, connected together on a soul level where he knew everything I was thinking and feeling and I knew the same about him. 

Even though we can't have a La Brioche date every week, it's somewhere special we can go to get out of our ordinary, indulge in perfect pastry, and have soul-deepening conversation. I hope that you have places like that with the people you care about the most.