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Setting Goals

When I waltzed into my initial appointment a few weeks ago I expected the dietician to tell me how much weight I needed to lose and what my healthy weight should be. To my surprise it didn't really go down like that. Instead of getting a number or goal weight assigned to me based on height, we discussed how people are different and comfortable at different weights. Then, you have to take muscle into consideration. So, I left the appointment with the task of setting my first goal weight. My first number to work toward.

It took me a little while to really understand what I wanted and then if I was capable of getting there. You see, I don't have a "I want to get back down to that size" history. I don't have a dream pair of jeans from skinny days that I'm dying to fit back into. I've always been overweight. I don't know what a healthy weight is for me. The first pair of pants I remember picking out without my mom's help were a size 14. I was in the 6th grade. They were pleated khakis if you were wondering. I was a very stylish 6th grader.... not.

So I was drawing a blank in the goal department.

After scrolling through the IP community on Instagram (I check #ippals multiple times a day and I love it!) I noticed on a few people's profiles that it said things like " SW (starting weight) GW (goal weight) and GW#2 (additional goal weight)." It hadn't occurred to me that I could have multiple goals! Instead of having one overwhelming number hanging over my head, I could break it up into sections. And that's what I did.


My first goal is 50lbs. I want to be one of those people who can say, "Yeah, I've lost 50lbs and I'm never looking back!" 50lbs is a lot of weight! Not to mention a lot of work! I've been saying I want to lose 50lbs for about 3 years now. The difference now, is that I actually believe that I'm capable of doing it.

I've got little 50s on post its in a variety of places, my vanity mirror, the fridge, my car, my laptop, the places I frequent the most to always be aware. I don't see the number 50 as my enemy silently judging me like I used to. It's now my friend and encourages me not to cheat when no one is looking. Anything that works right?

That's my first goal! If you're trying to set your own weight goals, maybe breaking it up into smaller pieces instead of one big amount will help you like it helps me! Good luck today! I'm rooting for you! - JJ

Visual Motivation

Question. When you see a blank wall do you either: A. Want to leave it alone and enjoy the blank-ness? B. Hang one small framed something in the middle? C. Fill it up with as many things as possible?

I choose C every time. If it were up to me every inch wall of our apartment would have a framed something on it. I love a full wall of color and fun!

Currently in our apartment I have an old window hanging in our downstairs hallway that I tape fun notes, random pictures, save the dates, and letters we get in the mail onto. It's so random and fun. I smile every time I look at it and can't wait to fill it up!

That got me thinking about creating some kind of visual motivation board for my weight loss. If you can't tell, I'm a very visual person who likes to tape things random things together and put them on display. Why not display motivation and progress?

I've been looking around Pinterest, duh, for the perfect inspiration for my project. Don't you just love planning for a project?! I'm nerd-ing out here, bear with me. This is probably one of the best representations of what I want to make:


I like the idea of writing down each number so I can cross it off as I get to it. I also love having different motivational quotes beside the chart. I think I'll make 3 different charts. I have 3 BIG goals. Stay tuned for more details on my goal setting.

I can't wait to make my chart and start crossing off numbers!

Here is a great blog post with more fun ideas.

Do you have any ideas for Visual Motivation? Are you currently using a visual motivation board? Would love to hear what's working for you! - JJ

Overcoming Cheat Guilt

Cheat Guilt. It's a thing. I'm currently feeling it. I had a couple moments of weakness this past week:

Thursday - Blueberry Sour Cream Popsicle, then 3 cheese sticks Friday - Half a bag of a small Movie Theater Popcorn and half of a small coke Saturday - Ritz Crackers + Loaded Potato Dip, Snickerdoodle Brownies Sunday - Snickerdoodle Brownies

I'm sharing this with you because this blog is all about honesty. I'm reporting my cheats because I don't want to hide them. When I hide cheats I can I tell myself that they didn't really happen. When I let my mind think that those cheats didn't really happen or that "don't count because no one knows" I'm more susceptible of becoming a repeat offender.

So now I have the option to have a downer week because I started it off with cheats (my IP weeks start on Thursday) or I can move on. How do I move on from feeling guilty? Obviously, continuing to feel guilty is not a good idea.

1. Admit the cheat. Check.

2. Forgive myself. Easier said than done. Luckily, Jesus showed us how to forgive. The same grace that we show other people when we forgive them, can also be used when dealing with yourself. In the past I had the tendency to throw in the towel, with anything not just food, if I messed up. To chock everything up to failure, throw good decisions out the window, and fall into a slump. I don't want to be like that anymore. Also, our message this Sunday was all about forgiveness and it was so good to hear.

3. Remember the feelings. Those cheats didn't make me feel good. The cheese sticks, delicious at the moment, sat like rocks in my stomach. Along with physical feelings, the cheats left me thinking, "I'm not sure that was worth it."

Those cheats did something to me. They unlocked the revelation that I can be stronger than my temptations and that it's ultimately not worth it. I don't want to live for the cheats. I want to do without. I want my brain and my body to learn that I don't need cheese sticks, popcorn, and popsicles to be happy. I need my brain to know that cheats only taste good for a moment. I need my brain to know that every cheat backs me up an inch or might even take away a precious pound that I've worked to lose. I also know that I'm not perfect.

So this just means that I take this one day at a time. Make one decision at a time. That's what I'm choosing to do this week. One good decision at a time. Good decision after good decision leads to progress. - JJ