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Exciting News! I'm going on a Mission Trip!

Local and Global Missions are a huge part of the DNA of our church (I don't just attend, I work there too!). We're constantly taking groups to our mission partners all over the world. Prior to only a few months ago I was happy to support others go on trips and promote trips but never felt the need to go myself. 

A few months ago at one of our regular staff meetings, our Lead Pastor encouraged all staff to go on one of our mission trips. Honestly, I was not excited. Yes, I believed in missions and supported the mission partnerships we work with, but never saw myself going on a trip.

So I started praying. I started praying for the desire to go on a mission trip and for the faith to be obedient when the time came for me to go. Over time, I would pray about it as I thought about it. Over the past couple of months, I started thinking about it more. 

The church sent a team to India over spring break. Even in January, I knew that I was supposed to go to India. I didn't speak up. I didn't say anything, but just kept telling myself that I would go later. Finally, I decided that I would start slow and take one of our "easier" trips (When I say easy I mean less time traveling and less jet lag). In my mind, I had already signed up for a Haiti trip in November. 

But I knew that wasn't right. I just knew that I needed to go to India and I needed to go SOON. 

Yesterday some people on our staff were talking about our upcoming trip to India and whether they should cancel it or not. They needed one or two more people to sign up so we would have enough people to go. Before I knew what was happening, I blurted out that I wanted to go! 

I can't believe that I did that! Honestly, I felt a huge sigh of relief after I said I would go. On the outside, I was jittery and nervous, but on the inside, I knew that going on this trip is something God is leading me to. 

The train has left the station and I'm now preparing for my upcoming trip. I need a little help raising funds for travel expenses, so I created a YouCaring page. If you'd like to make a donation and help me get to India, I would be very appreciative! Click the button below to help me go! 

Also.... I'm blogging again. Welcome to my new blog. I've published a few "just for fun" posts to so my site isn't empty!