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Something New -- Going to Camp!
Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash

I love trying new things. It's part of my DNA as an ENFP (Myers-Briggs) and a number 7 on the Enneagram to crave variety. Nothing gets my blood pumping more than planning for and anticipating something NEW. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's something I've never done before. I love new stuff so much, that I decided to make it a regular feature here in the Campbell House Diary.

Right now what I am looking forward to is SUMMER CAMP! My job is now family ministry focused so that means that I get to go to camp.... TWICE! I'll be going with our teenagers to BigStuf Camp in Panama City and I'm going to Lake Forest Ranch in Macon, MS with our elementary students. We head out to BigStuf tomorrow morning!!

I LOVED going on summer trips with my youth group as a teenager. Some of my BEST memories are hours long bus rides and doing off the wall stuff with my buddies. I did everything from summer camps to mission trips growing up. I think that every kid and teenager should have the opportunity to go, too!

Now, I get the opportunity to go experience camp in a brand new way -- as an adult leader. 

When I was a teenager I always loved spending time with the adults who were crazy enough to go on our trips. Looking back, those people made big impacts in my life and I am excited to be able to (hopefully) do the same thing for the teenagers in our church. I am eager to form new friendships with the kids and teenagers in our church. I am praying for LIFE CHANGE! I'm praying that they will see God in a new way and start their own relationships with Christ. I'm praying that they experience God in a way that lights them up for the Kingdom. I believe that God can work in young lives. I am pumped to go and am committed to doing whatever it takes to help these students know the way, the truth, and the life. Even if that means staying up way too late. We all know the best life talks happen after midnight!

You can pray with me as we prep for both camps. I know it's going to be wonderful! Do you serve in your church's kids and/or student ministry? Are you crazy enough to go on the trips?? If you are, let me know! Let's swap stories!