Marriage: Year 3


This was us 3 years ago

That day was perfect. I love thinking about it and remembering every detail. I've made 2 scrapbooks about it. 1 sits on our coffee table and shows off the highlights and the other is in a huge binder with every detail imaginable. I look at the big one the most.

I told Luke the other day that I couldn't believe we've completed three years of marriage, it felt like the wedding just happened! Then I followed it by saying that it feels like we've been married forever. It's crazy how that works!

Looking back over the past year, I think one of the biggest lessons we learned was how to alter our spending. How to save, how to eat at home, and how that we can have a blast without spending over $10. This was the year we learned to value the simple things and I'm really proud of that. Year 3 was the year where we really learned to trust that God was always going to provide for us and take care of us. Nothing proves this better than our anniversary lunch!

To celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to go eat somewhere special. Somewhere we don't go often. We chose to go out for lunch and picked one of our favorite lunch spots, Saltine. We used to go there all the time when we worked in Fondren.


I'm SO glad we chose Saltine because something special happened. First off, this restaurant is so beautifully decorated and has the best vibe to it. I've always thought so. And it has an awesome wall mural that you just have to take your picture in front of. It's begging for it! We ordered our appetizer cornbread (a must! get it with bacon!) and perused the menus each choosing a dish that we'd never gotten before.

We talked about how excited we were to be on year four of marriage and tossed out some dreams and things we'd like to do this year, like travel to see our friends and family in North Carolina and Birmingham! We spotted our friend and restaurant owner (who we had no idea owned this restaurant!) and chatted a little spilling the beans that this was our anniversary lunch. When it came time for the check our waiter said that our meal had been covered and that the whole restaurant wished us a happy anniversary!! How beautiful is that!? We were floored and so thankful!

As we were putting on our coats we spotted our friend again and waved him over. We thanked him immensely for the blessing of our meal being paid for and he asked if we had dessert. He insisted that we sit back down so that he could personally bring us dessert. A few minutes later, he came back with two of the most beautiful desserts I had ever seen!


S'mores Cake and Banoffee Pie. OH MY. They were amazing!

We left the restaurants stuffed to the gills. Pun intended. It's a seafood restaurant! 

Anniversaries are special and I love celebrating! Here's to working on Year Four!

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