January Favorites

A few days ago Luke and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. YAY!! I can hardly believe 3 years have come and gone. So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same (all in the best ways!). When we were trying to decide what restaurant we wanted to go to celebrate I posed the question, "what was our favorite restaurant in 2014? What about 2015? What about 2016?" We could easily answer 2016, but for the past two years, we were coming up with blanks. Later on, I started thinking of other favorite things from those years and I just couldn't remember. So now, I want to do a better job at recording the small details of our life because I love our life. I know it won't always look the way it does now. So every month, I'm going to take a little time and think about things I love and what's present in our day to day life.

Current Obsession

We've started off 2017 with a bang! On the 2nd day of the year, we knocked a big item off our home to do list. We painted our dining room! When we closed on our house back in 2015, all the walls were painted a nice gray. Gray walls aren't necessarily in my design aesthetic, so I've been wanting to paint every room white. Yes, I'm a white walls girl. I also knew that I didn't want one room to be white. I wanted to go bold in the dining room. We painted it the most beautiful shade of green. Well, it's more green-blue and it's pure magic.

This is my current obsession because every morning when I walk down the hall and into the kitchen / dining room, my heart skips a beat. The room is so beautiful and so different. We're spending more and more time in here every day!

Every Day

Part of Luke's morning routine is making coffee. Over the past 2 years, he's taken a huge interest in the science behind coffee and brewing methods. It works out well for me because I'm not that great at making coffee and I like having my own personal barista. He just acquired an Aeropress so he's been having fun figuring out everything you can do with it. I'm benefitting by getting homemade vanilla lattes!


We get on kicks with the food we make at home. For example, we'll try lots of different ways to make buddha bowls. I'm not sure what our favorite January food will be this year, but I have a feeling it's going to be complicated tacos. (A complicated taco - new seasonings on the meat, homemade slaws, creamy element like a crema, a pickled something, etc)


Right now we're watching Arrested Development. One of our faves!

Something Memorable

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary! 

Anything else?

We had a "Snowed in" weekend early in January. We had a Lord of The Rings Marathon and watched all three extended editions. It was amazing. We're wanting to do a Harry Potter watch-a-thon next!