Oils + The Enneagram


In a recent blog post, I made the case for how Essential Oils are beneficial for emotional support (read here). Something I've been curious about since then is pairing Essential Oils with Enneagram Types. Interesting, right?

Before diving in, let me share with you some basics about the Enneagram, why I love it, and why I think it's important.

Enneagram Basics

The Enneagram is a personality type system that pinpoints how each of us are wired. It's all about what drives us and gives us the "why" behind the way we react and respond to situations. The Enneagram helps identify why you see the world from your perspective and, when you get gut-level honest, it can be an avenue for major personal growth.

Once I started digging in and doing the work, the Enneagram helped me see myself and the people around me in a different light. Just to clarify, the Enneagram doesn't replace God's work in my life, it points me towards God. It's a tool in my toolbelt that helps me grow, mature, and have deeper empathy for other people.

People a lot smarter than me can better describe what the Enneagram is and how it works. Read here, here, and read the posts on this Instagram account.  You can even take a class about learning the Enneagram.

If you're curious as to where you fall on the Enneagram, you can take this Assessment linked below, then start reading! It's important to note that you won't fully know your type until you've done a little research beyond the initial test. Let this assessment point you in the right direction.


Enneagram + Essential Oils

There are 9 different types within the Enneagram and people fall into one of the types. The Enneagram says that each of the 9 types have specific growth areas, fears, and that each type's greatest strength is also their greatest weakness.

Again, it's all about motives and the way we are wired to think and perceive the world around us. Where one type is constantly riddled with anxiety and can't turn their brain off, another type is deeply resentful and holds onto anger far too long. It's not that everyone can't feel overlapping feelings, it's just that different emotions are magnified within each type. 

What I want to zero in on is how each type specifically deals with their emotions and how I believe that we can use the molecular power of essential oils to help us process and release our toughest emotions.

I believe that one of the most important steps to taking control of your health is discovering who you really are and what you really need.

Because of those beliefs I'm putting a resource together to combine Essential Oils and the Enneagram.

I've started combing through all of the educational resources I can get my hands on to find at least two beneficial oil singles or blends (singles are one single essential oil in one bottle and blends are multiple essential oils in one bottle) based on the specific needs of each Enneagram type. This resource will share specific oils and blends to sustain you when you're in a good place and to help you for when you're in the not-so-good places emotionally.

Don't you want to use all the resources available to grow and mature? I do and I hope you do, too!

I'm sharing what I've learned in a free online workshop on October 4 and I would love for you to join me!


This is a free workshop and it's happening online so you can join us while wearing your comfiest pjs or sweatpants. This is my first online workshop and I am so excited! You can click the button above and go to the Facebook event. Click "going" to let me know that you're going to join me!

Don't feel like you have to be an expert in the Enneagram to participate in this workshop. I am going to share the basics about each Enneagram type. It would be helpful if you had an idea of what type you might be. You can take that Assessment linked above (it's free!). If you have any questions about Oils and/or the Enneagram, you can let me know by leaving a comment or messaging me through the Facebook Event. This is going to be fun!