Bouncing Back into Keto

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A weight loss journey isn’t linear. It’s up and down, high and low. Some weeks you kill it mentally and physically. Everything is aligned, you’re motivated, and knocking out good choice after good choice. Other weeks you’re off. Unfocused mentally, making poor choices that you KNOW aren’t beneficial and the last thing you want to do is cook a meal for yourself. I’ve come to accept that both avenues are just part of the process.

I can’t expect myself to be a robot who never gets off track (you can’t expect that of yourself either, by the way), but what what I can expect of myself is to pull it together and get back to what works and what makes me feel my very best.

When I’ve gone off track in the past, it’s taken me different amounts of time to get back on my Keto track. Sometimes I bounce back quickly, other times it takes me an extended amount of time.

So, how do I do it? How do I bounce back?

It’s important to note that as I’m writing this, I’m trying to bounce back. These are strategies and tactics that Im coaching myself through right now at this very minute. I’m not writing these as an expert, but as someone who genuinely needs to read this.

Know what’s coming up and plan Ahead

Take a look at the next few days and do your best to be aware of what’s coming up. Do you know that you’ll be going out to dinner at a restaurant on the weekend? Do you know if you’re going to be extra busy and won’t have as much free time? By having an idea of what your next few days will most likely look like (I can’t plan longer than a week) you can mentally prepare yourself and make plans for staying on track.

If you know you’re going out to a restaurant, you can view the menu online before you go and already pick out what you’re going to eat. Personally, I hate doing that. I think browsing the menu and looking at the food as it comes out of the kitchen is part of the fun of restaurants, but I’ve had to learn that I need blinders up, especially when I’m trying to bounce back.

If you know that you’re having a particularly busy day, you can meal prep a couple of days before, so the question, “what am I going to eat?” is already answered.

Go back to Keto Basics

What are the Keto Basics? Know the “why” behind things always helps me snap back in line. When I go back and refresh myself on the science behind Keto (read more here) and remember what happens in my body when I eat high carbohydrate foods, it helps me center myself and make better choices.

Get back to personal basics

Just like refreshing myself on the science behind Keto is helpful, it’s incredibly helpful for me to remember my personal reasons for this lifestyle change. I think about my hormones and PCOS, the person I want to be in the future, and I think about the long game. Yes, it’s going to take time to fully heal my hormones and reverse my PCOS, but I believe that it will happen.

Reframing my priorities is always helpful.

Eat your Favorite Keto Food

I LOVE Keto food! It’s rich, delicious, and filling. All of my favorite things. But the crazy thing is that sometimes I forget that I love it. When I need to get back on track, I’m not going to try out a brand new recipe that may or may not be a winner. I am going to prepare food that I know I LOVE and that makes me feel good after I eat it.

Check your Emotional Health

This is a biggie for me. When I can’t bounce back for an extended time, I know that something is off emotionally. Whether I am avoiding dealing with feelings or I am actually in my feelings processing through tough things, my desire for junk food is high. I haven’t 100% made the connection that the last thing my body needs when I’m down is damaging food. I’ll get there one day.

When there is deep emotional issues and I need help processing, I bring in the big guns (read here).

And a bonus strategy to bouncing back is to

Focus on all the non-scale / non-weight loss related Keto Benefits

There’s so many benefits of this way of eating and I’ve experienced them all. Here are a few highlights:

  • better sleep

  • more energy

  • no mental fog / able to concentrate and focus for longer periods of time

  • sense of accomplishment / proud of myself

  • decreased inflammation

  • regular menstruation

Sometimes I have to ask myself if I want better sleep and more energy and the answer is always, “yes, duh!”


To sum it all up, the way I am bouncing back is mostly all mental. It’s coaching myself to remember the “why” behind why I wanted to eat this way, why I love Keto food, and why food is not the way you heal your emotions. It’s getting back into the driver’s seat instead of letting your cravings drive the car. It’s about taking back control of your choices and your life. If you find yourself un-motivated and unable to stop ordering fried chicken sandwiches and french fries from Chick-fil-A (just me? No?) take a minute to stop and think about what’s coming up, plan, reframe your priorities, and get back to the basics.

Pro-Tip: write these things down!

Write down your priorities, reasons why and what you want.

If you have any tips as to getting back on your healthy habits, I would love to hear them!

And yes, sometimes I call myself “superstar” don’t judge.