The Power of Emotional Support

Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

Let's just be honest about something and say it out loud: we need emotional support. Our modern life is demanding. Our lives are all over the place. We are constantly being pushed and pulled in different directions. Whether our circumstances were our choices or not, we are still responsible for our own emotional support. 

Just so we're on the same page, this is what I mean by emotional support: doing things to support our overall emotional health.

We need emotional support relationally. We need a tight inner circle of friends built on trust and loyalty. That inner circle can be one person or multiple people. The number doesn't matter. What matters is getting plugged into a community of people who you trust. 

We need emotional support spiritually. Everyone has a soul. It's what makes us human. As a Christ follower, I have a personal relationship with Jesus. Through prayer and scripture reading, I connect with God daily and it's one of the biggest and most important markers in my life. 

We need emotional support physically. We must make physical choices to benefit our bodies. Eating nourishing foods (hello, Keto!), staying hydrated, and participating in energizing/stress reducing activities like relaxing hobbies or walking your dog. There is one more element that I am going to add physical realm here --- Essential Oils. Regular use of essential oils has been so beneficial to my overall emotional health! 

Making the Case for Oils + Emotional Support

I want to make something clear: Essential Oils are just one of the tools available to help with emotional support. While they've been incredibly helpful to me on my journey, they might not be as helpful for you. 

Question - What controls our emotions? 

Answer - The Limbic System

First off, I slept through my biology classes in high school and college. I was NOT interested. Since I can't go back in time and tell the teenage version of myself to pay attention, I'm having to go back and re-learn a few basic things. 

The Limbic System is the part of our brains that controls emotions, memories, and stimulation. The Limbic System is what helps us govern our emotions. More often than not, we need help regulating our emotions and reducing anxiety. Enter Essential Oils. Read more about the Limbic System here. 

How does it work?

When we inhale or apply essential oils directly to our skin, the tiny barrier breaking molecules in the oils can permeate the skin, get into our bloodstream, and ride all the way up to our brains. That's a really good thing because it can happen very quickly!

"Essential oils have the ability to directly access and affect the brain’s limbic region, the center of emotion and memory. Many oils can be used to create a positive emotional state, help soothe grief, create an environment of relaxation at the end of a long day, and much more. These pure essential oils are uniquely able to bring emotional balance where less pure oils may not" (Read More)

Essential Oils --- good, quality, essential oils, not the kind you can buy off amazon or at the check-out lines in TJ Maxx --- can calm you down, give you energy, and balance your hormones. Meaning, essential oils can give you emotional support. 

Here are a few oils you can use for emotional support - Peppermint, Lavender, Stress Away, Valor, Joy, and Release. You can breathe them in aromatically by diffusing or holding the bottle up to your nose or you can rub a drop on your neck, hands, wrists, or chest. 

How do I know when I need emotional support?

Unless you live in a fairy tale scenario where you never worry and nothing bad ever happens, you most likely need emotional support. To further identify when and if you need emotional support, let me ask you a series of questions: 

Do you experience major stress or are you easily stressed out? Do you have anxiety about one or a lot of things? Are you under pressure at work or at home? Is your energy depleted by the early afternoon? Do you feel lonely and/or isolated? Do you feel like you can't think clearly? Does your body feel tense? Do you feel restless? Is your mind always running?

If you answered yes to one or more these questions, you need emotional support. 

What are other ways I can support my emotions?

Like I said above, Essential Oils are not the only way that we can physically support our emotions. There are other things that you can do. Here are some examples: 

  • Reach out and Listen to your Inner Circle
  • Eat Well
  • Rest 
  • Change your Scenery
  • Self Care Practice 
  • Be Kind
  • Go for a Walk
  • Engage with a Relaxing Hobby 
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Write in a Journal
  • Start a Gratitude Journal

I've found that when I use my oils in combination with these other things, -- like diffusing Stress Away while I crochet -- I feel doubly supported and know that I'm less likely to spin out in my thoughts. 

TL;DR - We all need emotional support. Oils can get to the part of our brains that control our emotions. Use oils to help regulate your emotions. 

Again, Oils are just one tool available for us to use. With everything that could be going on in our lives (job pressure, family stress, anxiety) don't you want every tool in your tool belt to fight against emotional distress? I know I do. If you want to know more, click below to continue this conversation.