30 by 30

Photo by Marina Lima on Unsplash

This is a big year for me. I'm turning 30 in a couple of months! I'm not going to lie, I'm having a little trouble grasping the fact that I'm not going to be in my 20s anymore... BUT I genuinely am excited for the next season of my life. 

In the last few months I've been coaching myself through some "if you want different, you have to do different" (my personal mantra) strategies. One of those "different" things I want is to finally commit to a complete lifestyle change where I lose the weight, keep it off, and continue implementing real life healthy habits. 

This past Spring I set the goal of losing 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. A little backstory about me, I'm not a goal oriented person. For some people they can set a goal and they HAVE to complete it. I'm not wired that way. In fact, I'm a little jealous of those people. I've never really been able to lock in and stay focused on goals for long periods of time and actually complete the goal. 

I've tried all the goal setting and completing strategies and nothing has worked for me until now. When it comes to following through on your goals, do you know what I believe is the difference maker? A combination of maturity and personal growth. It wasn't because of a magic goal accomplishing formula. It wasn't because I took an online class on how to reach your goals (I do love online classes, tho). It was because I knew that it was time to grow up and I was ready to grow up. I wanted big changes. I wanted a new normal. I was finally ready to start working toward being the person I really wanted to be. 

Even something as silly as "30 by 30" has really helped me stick to my new way of eating. I'm not 100% perfect all of the time, but I am good 85% of the time. That's a win for me! Usually, I lose interest/focus within 2 weeks and I'm back to my old ways. This time has been different! 

I started my 30 by 30 back in May. So far, I've lost almost 20 pounds! I've got 2 more months to lose the final 10. Between Keto, Jesus, and my Essential Oils, I KNOW that I can do it! I KNOW that I will be able to reach the goal in the timeframe that I want. 

October 1st (my birthday), I'm coming for you! I started an IG specifically for my Keto journey called @CampbellHouseKeto. Check it out and keep up with me!