Kindness is an Attitude


A few weeks ago I posted this picture on my instagram account. This is the most "liked" picture I've ever had. Like, a hundreds more likes than I usually get. I normally post a photo and come back and check in on Insta later in the day. I had to do a double take on the like count. 

I started thinking, "what did I do right?" on that picture. It wasn't my cleverest (real word?) caption. It wasn't the best photo of me. Why were all these people liking this photo?

After thinking on it for a while, I realized what it was. Why was this photo striking a chord with my friends and strangers? One word -- Kindness.

Simple right? Be nice to people. Easy enough. Boom. Done. Kindness just happens. 

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Kindness is one of the attributes of Jesus. It's just one of the Godly characteristics given to us when we accept Jesus's gift of salvation. That tells me that it's hard to be kind in the truest sense of the word without Jesus' help. 

What does it mean to be kind? What does it mean to react and respond in a kind way? I've thought through some ideas of what it means to be kind based on personal interactions and what we know about Jesus' character from the Bible. 

Kindness means: 

  • serving others first and putting yourself last
  • genuinely celebrating good news with other people instead of feeling jealous
  • responding to stressful situations with a level head
  • acting for the greater good instead of personal gain
  • respecting other people's time and offering to help even when your responsibilities are complete
  • noticing and responding to people instead of only focusing on yourself
  • listening without interrupting or giving your two cents (unless your opinion is asked, of course) 
  • giving good advice and sharing what you've learned with others
  • saying thank you, genuinely apologizing when there are misunderstandings, and owning up to your mistakes
  • doing something for someone just because

Kindness is an attitude. We can choose to respond to life's daily curveballs with the attitude of Kindness. Our world sees enough hate. Be the person who is willing to be kind no matter what.

I'd love to hear some stories about how someone's kindness impacted you. Let's all share!  - JJ