I'm a Little Interested in Oils! What do I do now?

Using Essential Oils is more than just breathing in the good smells. While that's a benefit for sure, it's really about taking a stand for your family and for yourself. It's you, feeling empowered enough to make necessary changes that benefit longterm. It's you standing up against harmful products and chemicals in our everyday products that are not just damaging our environment, but our bodies. It's you recognizing that you CAN do things differently and that you're not alone in wanting what's best for you and your people. 

If you are ready to take your next step into healthier living, take control of what comes into your home, and be a part of a community of like-minded people, then I am committed to walk alongside you. Not just me, but a joint effort between me and my friends at Young Living!

So what do we do now? What's next?

You need some oils and a diffuser and I can hook you up!

Because there are so many oils and products from Young Living, they've made it super easy to get started. I recommend purchasing a Premium Starter Kit. It's the best deal you can get and gives you the most versatile oils. Personally, I'm using these oils every day or every week. The Starter Kit is a huge $$$ saver. It's $160 for over $300 in YL products. 


What comes in the Premium Starter Kit?


    Here are the oils that come wit the Premium Starter Kit listed out and basic ways to use them. (The easiest way, in my opinion, to use the oils is to diffuse them and breathe them in):

    • Frankincense for skin
    • Lavender for sleep
    • Panaway for muscle tension
    • Digize for indigestion
    • Raven for allergies
    • Citrus Fresh for diffusing
    • Lemon in water daily
    • Peppermint for head tension relief + fresh breath
    • Thieves for seasonal illness
    • Copaiba & Stress Away for emotional support

    Plus, you get two samples of the Ningxia Red antioxidant drink! This yummy drink is made up of wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices, vanilla extract plus lemon, orange, yuzu & tangerine essential oils. Ningxia helps support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole body and normal eye health. You also get a diffuser of your choice, a Young Living membership that gets your 24% off all products, samples to share with your friends & a Thieves house cleaner sample!

    Bonus: when you become a wholesale member, you are added to my team! This does not mean you are selling anything, it just means me & my team will be here to help offer support along the way! You will also get added to our Facebook group for additional help in your oily journey. Whoop whoop! I loved being a part of the Group. It was and still is so helpful  when it comes to learning all the ways to use my oils!


    So, are you ready to do this? Are you ready to join me on the oils train?

     Let's get started! To purchase your kit, follow these steps:


    Make sure that the MEMBER option is selected & that both the ENROLLER & SPONSOR sections include my member number 13173886. (You can choose to be a retail customer but you will not receive the 24% discount, freebies, reduced shipping or promos.) Next, hit continue. A popup will show up, hit continue again.

    STEP 1 : select the Premium Start Kit of your preference. You will also see there is a Thieves Home Kit, Savvy Minerals makeup kits or the Basic Membership Kit.  The items included in each kit are as listed. Each kit gives you membership benefits!

    STEP 2: This is where you will want to place an Essential Rewards order if you'd like to sign up for auto-ship, reduced shipping costs, points back on purchases & occasional freebies! This is the best route in my opinion. Where else can you get up to 25% back on each purchase?! Can't beat that! You'll simply place a minimum order of $50 a month to be on Essential Rewards ($100 minimum if you want to join the biz).

    Everything I use in my daily routine - my vitamins, oils, skincare, makeup -  show up at my door monthly. The best part is, my monthly routine qualifies me for everything Young Living has to offer. It's awesome & I use my points on fun purchases like Ningxia! If you do not want to sign up for ER yet, simply skip this step.

    Step 3: If there are any other Young Living products you are interested in purchasing outside the kit, you can add them to your order here. Otherwise, click Continue & then Continue Enrollment when the popup comes on the screen.

    On the following screen, you will type in your personal information + create your Young Living account. Under Commission Processing Info, select INDIVIDUAL without social security. If you are wanting to join me as a Distributor & get your oils FOR FREE, then you will select Individual with social security so you can get paid! From there you will fill out billing & shipping.

    Once you're done you are officially "one of those oil people" and it's the BEST. 

    If you have any questions about what it looks like to use oils, why it's worth it, or have any questions about particular oils, let me know! If I don't know the answer, I will happily figure it out.

    My main goal in this business is to help myself, I'm not going to lie about that. I want to be healthier, but my other main goal is to share what I'm learning with others and help YOU become the healthiest version of yourself. 

    Now, the ball is in your court! Let's Go!