How I Started Keto


Maybe you've heard of Keto, maybe you haven't. Maybe you've heard a co-worker mention the word Ketogenic, Keto, or Ketosis, but you aren't really sure what it is. 

I'd love to give you some insight onto the things I've learned over the past year. You see, before Keto, I had an idea of what I wanted my everyday life to be like, but didn't know how to get there. I had a vision of how I wanted to be, but had no idea what to do. Then, I found Keto. 

Now, I had heard of it before, but never really dug into it. I didn't think I could live without bread and pasta. Turns out I can. 

My Keto story starts back in 2017. I was working with my OBGYN, taking hormone medication, and trying to get pregnant. It wasn't working. The hormone medication was actually making me gain weight and I felt like my efforts were canceling each other out. Gaining weight on top of excess weight surely wasn't helping me get pregnant. 

My journey, I'm sure started like many others, GOOGLE. I started searching things like, "What to eat to get pregnant" and "Pregnancy Diet." A few rabbit trails later I found articles sharing how eating Keto was good for people who have PCOS. 

This was the first time that I ever felt empowered enough to try to heal my body from the inside out, not just rely on medicine. I wanted to take an active role in healing my body, not just wait for it to magically happen. So I started researching and soaking up everything I could about reversing or healing PCOS. The majority of credible resources that I found pointed to Keto and Essential Oils. 

I started listening to podcasts and reading through Keto basics each night after dinner. I knew that this was what I needed to do. I needed to ditch all processed food, grains, sugar, and household toxins to get what I wanted. 

This meant more than wanting to lose x amount of pounds. It was deeper. I wanted to start Keto because I wanted to heal my body naturally. I want to heal my hormones and take back my fertility. 

Also, I was eager to try Keto because I loved all the foods on the approved foods list. Cheese? OH YEAH. Ranch Dressing? OHHH YEAH. Bacon?? Are you kidding me?? Cream in my coffee?? What is this gift?!!  I was particularly excited about the Ranch Dressing because even though I like salad, I don't love "healthy" salad dressings like vinaigrettes. Never have. I like the creamy and rich stuff. 

So you jumped in right away, right?? 

No, I didn't. I'm kind of a slow processor when it comes to making big changes. I needed to immerse myself in the knowledge and change the way I thought about food.  I knew from my previous diet experiences that to be in this for the long haul, to really see the long term results that I wanted, that this wouldn't be a quick fix, 20 day diet. This would be a complete OVERHAUL entailing physical and (most importantly) mental work. 

So I started making changes upstairs before I making major changes in the kitchen. I took a slow, boring approach. For example, I started leaving out the starchy carb sides (rice, pasta, bread) when I would cook during the weekdays. Then, we slowly stopped having dessert every night. 

As I was learning about Intermittent Fasting, we started skipping breakfast. We weren't breakfast eaters anyway, so that was easy. 

I am confident that these slow changes are what set me up for Keto success. 

So thats how I got started! I am working on a separate blog post with suggestions on how anyone can start shifting their life towards Keto. If you have any specific questions, please let me know so I can include them in my post. I'll also include references for the resources that were super helpful to me then and helpful to me now! 

Also, as a teaser, over the past year of doing halfway Keto (2017) and full out Keto (May 2018 and onward) I've lost about 30 pounds total! And you know what the best part is.... I've kept it OFF. 


Okay, okay, I'll go ahead and give you one of my tips for starting Keto.

Start doing your research. Maybe you don't have any glaring in the face health issues like me, but maybe you want to clean up your lifestyle, quit the processed stuff, have more energy, ditch the toxins, etc. Start reading things for yourself. And of course, be on the lookout for my follow up post, Tips for Starting Keto.

Oh and one more thing!

I've started a separate IG account thats strictly about my Keto Journey. You can follow here -- @Campbellhouseketo

Let's Go! - JJ