February - March Favorites

I started something new last month where I jotted down some current favorites of the month. I want to do a better job at recording the little things like our favorite foods and activities! 

Something Memorable

Family Photoshoot with our beautiful friend, Brooke of Blackhorn Productions.

Valentines Day date night! 

We led worship with at a couple of Disciple Now Weekends. One in Florence, MS and the other in Natchez, MS. We had a blast exploring historic Natchez! 

We took a weekend trip to Orange Beach and visited our friends' brand new coffee shop in Mobile, Al! 

We took another weekend trip up to Birmingham, AL to see our great friends, Daniel and Laura! It was so fun getting to explore Birmingham. 


Every Day

I started noticing how quickly the days were going by. Time is going by so fast! Even though Luke and I work together, we don't spend all day holding hands in the same room. Most days we barely see each other focusing on our own areas. I want to publicly brag on my husband. He cares about every single detail with incredible passion and precision. He works hard behind the scenes to make sure that things are excellent and done with care. Luke, you're an incredible leader and visionary. You challenge me every day to dream a little bigger.


We went to our favorite restaurant in Orange Beach, Fishers, and tried Black Eyed Pea Hummus for the first time. I don't try to recreate restaurant food too often, but I immediately looked up a recipe for Black Eyed Pea hummus when I got home! 

I also became obsessed with tamales! My favorite place to order tamales around here is at Sombra. SO GOOD!

Our favorite restaurant at this point is a Greek and Lebanese place called Athenos. I order the gyro plate every time!