2017 Summer Bucket List Updates

At the beginning of June, I published a blog with my 2017 Summer Bucket List. I listed out all of the things I wanted to do this summer. I'm happy to report that I've done about half of them! This is a big step for me because I am a love it and leave it kind of gal. I love something, make big plans, declare those plans, then I never go back and finish whatever I started. I'm a list maker, but I'm not a list completer. It's something I'm working on. 

Below I'm including my original list and I'll update if I've completed it. 

"Go to the beach -- obviously. We've already got a trip planned and are looking to add another one)"

We're headed out for a beach trip this week!! Praise Hands!

"Stay at an Airbnb  -- we've never done an Airbnb before! We've got a place booked for Nashville this weekend and I'm super excited!"

I'm happy to cross this one off the list! A few weeks ago, we took a mini vacation up to Nashville for a wedding. We stayed in the cutest little cottage. You should totally rent it if you're going up for a weekend! 

"Go Blueberry Picking -- check! I've already been twice! I've got a freezer full of delicious, plump, blueberries."

Like I said originally, I went twice! 

"Clean Out and Organize our "stuff" room -- We've tried to get this stuff room under control since we moved into our house. We clean it out, get rid of things, and then a few weeks later, it's somehow WORSE. I don't know how it happens *insert laughing emoji and the crying emoji*"

WE DID IT! Last weekend, we emptied the infamous stuff room. We loaded everything up to our local Gateway and I'm happy that we now have a usable space. Now, what to do with it so it doesnt become the stuff room again....

"Finish my 2016 Scrapbook -- Yep. I'm a scrapbooker! I subscribe to the A Beautiful Mess Messy Box and I get the CUTEST scrapbook stuff."

Haven't gotten there yet, but I did make a Shutterfly book for my mom with pictures from last summer... so it kind of counts right?

"Start my 2017 Scrapbook"

Not yet. Maybe August?

"Experiment with new cake flavors, icings, and decorating techniques -- I'm a hobby baker and really enjoy trying out new creations! I really want to master colored ganache and piped flowers."

Haven't gotten to this yet, but I have a couple of cake orders scheduled. Maybe they'll let me experiment!

"Update Bedroom Decor -- I haven't really focused on styling out our bedroom. Since moving into our house my priorities were the dining room and the living room. Now it's time to work on our bedroom." 

We bought a new bed spread and totally changed our bedding. I also cleaned off my chest of drawers. That made a big difference! There's a lot more that I want to do, but I've started! 

"Host a Flamingo Party -- When I say "Flamingo Party" I just mean that I'm going heavy on the Flamingo decor.  Essentially I just want to host a summer party!"

The Flamingo Party is on the books for the end of July! I've invited a handful of girls to come over to my house for brunch and I've been buying Flamingo decorations. Can't wait! 

"Make no churn ice cream -- I keep seeing all of these recipes for no-churn ice cream and sorbets. Maybe I'll try it out at my Flamingo Party!"

I definitely need to do this soon! 

"Read 3 Books -- I'm not a big reader, but I'd like to be. 3 might seem like a small goal, but it's two more books than I read last summer..."

I fully plan on reading my little heart out while I"m at the beach. I'm going to the library today to stock up! 

"Go Kayaking"

Hmm... I wonder when I could squeeze that in?

"Have Unplugged Days - A few times a month I want to go unplugged. No technology. No phone, no TV, no computer."

This is going to be harder than I thought it would be. 

"Eat a Snow Cone -- One of my biggest regrets from last summer was not getting a snow cone! Not happening this year."

DONE! Luke and I got Snow Cones last weekend after our big clean out. Peach flavor forever!

"Get a big lemonade -- last year at my local farmers market, they had a vendor who sold really delicious lemonade. Not only was the lemonade delicious, but he sold it in  HUGE cups. I'm not sure why, but my sister, Becca, and I really loved it!"

We were in the car driving to Fresh at Five (our local farmer's market) and a flood came out of nowhere, so we turned around and went back home. Maybe next week!

"Go to a Farmers Market and make an entire meal out of fresh produce -- I will obviously buy the meat and produce and cook it at home!"

Planning to go next week! 

"Make a ridiculous milkshake"

Maybe instead of making it myself, I'll just buy one. And I want to buy one here when I'm at the beach! 

"Play Tennis -- Last summer Becca and I instituted Tennis Tuesdays. We played for a few weeks and then I pulled a muscle. But I'm ready to bring it back! Now I just need to find my tennis racquet..."

We did it!! Becca, our friend Blaire, and I went out to the courts last week. It was hot, but it felt good to swing the ole racquet. I can't wait to go play again! We're currently looking for a fourth! 

"Go to a Midnight Movie Premier -- sometimes it's fun to stay up extra late!"

We should've done that for Wonder Woman. I still haven't seen it! 

"Stay for the Fireworks at MS Braves Game -- The MS Braves stadium is about 20 minutes from our house. We try to go to at least one game a year, but we never stay for the whole game. This year, we're doing it!"

I need to look at the schedule. Anyone wanna come with me?

I'm adding "Eat Watermelon" to this list because you can't have summer without a Smith County Watermelon! 

It's been a super fun summer so far! Really rainy and humid, but fun! Have you marked things off your summer bucket list, yet?