Today is a Special Day!

You know how on Facebook they'll give you a notification with old memories to look back on? Well, I think it's genius and has become a highlight of my morning. Today's memories to look back on were so special. 

On this day, four years ago, back in 2013, the ring was put on the finger! 

It's hard to believe that we got engaged four years ago and have been married for 3 and a half years. So much has changed and so much has stayed the same. We're still goofy, still love watching The Office, and will make ourselves sick eating popcorn at the movies. But I will say that our tastes have improved, literal tastes. We love to cook and try new food and flavors.

It's crazy to think about what have now vs what we have then. Now, we get to go to work together every day, doing things that we're passionate about. We live in a house that we love. We have a great dog to spoil. We're surrounded by family and an incredible community.  


I think back to this day often. We were at the place in our relationship where we knew we wanted to get married, but I had NO IDEA when it would actually happen. I was completely caught off guard with the when, but never unprepared to say YES! I never want to lose the giddy feelings or forget the emotions of that day.

Right after he proposed, we had a celebration after party! I walked into Luke's parents home to find everyone I loved in one room there to celebrate our big news. After the party ended and people were on their way home, Luke and I sat back on the couch, looked at each other, stared at my left hand, and sat in the most content silence, processing the day and archiving every minute. 

Thankfully, we had a family beach trip scheduled a couple of days after we got engaged because there was NO WAY that I could focus on work! I mean, I had to immediately plan the wedding! lol. I remember sitting in the pool planning the whole wedding and reception with my mom and sister. Luke chimed in a little too (insert laughing emoji). 

Thanks for reading and celebrating one of our special days with us! I can't wait to celebrate this day again next year! *This morning Luke mowed the grass and then got donuts for breakfast. Our plans for the day include cleaning out our kitchen.  My kind of party!