My Summer Study - Present Over Perfect

One of my favorite joys in life is being a small group leader. I LOVE IT. I love watching a community grow. I love seeing women step out and take steps. I love leaning in and listening to other people's stories and seeing how God is working in each person's life. 

This summer, I'm doing something new! It's no secret that summers are busy. There are vacations, ball games, holidays, lake days, beach days, you name it. With all of the summer craziness, I wanted to try leading an online small group (we call them Vertical Groups). This is a really unique opportunity for people to come together and get to know other women that they might not ever have a chance to meet in person. 

Additionally, this is a great way to put a positive spin on social media. We see so many hateful and sad things online, so I think this is a great way to shift the conversation and cultivate a little joy! This is just one way that we can use social media for good! 

I've chosen to lead the study, Present Over Perfect, by Shauna Niequist. I started reading Present Over Perfect on my India trip (had a lot of downtime in airports and flights... read about our travel drama here) and I basically underlined everything in the book. I was writing things like, "So much yes!" and "this is what I want my life to look like" in the margins. It's really had an impact on me and I'm confident that I'm not the only one who will benefit from this study. 

Here's a promo video from Shauna:

I own a few other Shauna books as well (this one and this one) and I love them. 

Present Over Perfect is a 5 Week Study and I'm excited to lead it this summer! We've got a great group of new and old friends signed up so far and we've got room for a few more! If you're interested in joining us, click here to email me. 

I'm planning to journal through what I learn this summer and I'm sure that it'll find its way onto the blog. On that note, I've got a new approach to my blog writing. I'm going to write about what I want to write about when I want to write about it. I'm not going to let insecurities about my writing or the fear that my ideas are not good enough hold me back anymore. I'm passionate about encouraging others and spreading the joy! I want to do that through blogging. Rant over. 

I think this summer is going to be incredible when it comes to authenticity in community. I'm ready to flex my hospitality muscles (yes, you can be hospitable online) and take big leaps and small steps of obedience. 

So here we go! The Group starts Sunday, June 4th. I can't wait! 

*this is a free online group. You're only responsible for purchasing your study guide.