Home Tour: My Kitchen

When we moved into our house almost two years ago, one of the main things we loved about it was that it was old and charming, but updated. The kitchen is perfectly fine, but we have big plans for what we would like it to be. 

The only cosmetic thing we've done is paint it white and swap out the pendant light. There's actually a lot I'd like to do in my kitchen, but a big reno is not on the horizon this year. My BIG dream is to re-work the layout. I think we've found a solution for a better utilization of the space, but this absolutely works for now. I'm thankful for this kitchen! 

#1 Favorite thing about my house --- The Hardwood Floors. They're original. They're worn in. They're always covered in dog hair. And they're perfect. 

The first thing I'd want to do is to get new counter tops. That gray/green formica isn't working for me. I love butcher block, but I also love bright white! The second thing I'd do is to take down the cabinets, tile the whole wall, and put in open shelving. The third thing I'd do is paint the bottom cabinets and the island a dark color like navy, or a deep emerald/teal. 

This big white monster of a cabinet was custom built for us by our friend Josh. It's two pieces and SO HEAVY. My vision for this piece is to be pantry storage with pretty containers and baskets. We don't have much of a pantry (one terribly tiny cabinet in our laundry room lol) so having a place to store food is something I want. Right now, it's more decorative, but my dream is the open storage/pantry.

We've played fruit basket turnover with this piece. Here's what it looked like before. 

It used to be reddish/orange and serve as our china cabinet in our dining room. I love the way that the white pops against the stain, but I prefer it painted white. 

Before we moved the big cabinet to the kitchen, the area served as a coffee bar, which I loved! 

Sometimes I go back and forth on whether I like the big cabinet or want to switch it back to a coffee bar. I love both! I love that big blue cabinet that's missing a door (lol!). So now, what do I do.... coffee bar or open pantry?? 

Hope you enjoyed my kitchen tour! I'd love to have you over for dinner. Maybe I should start planning a dinner party!