Losing and Gaining: the Blog

Hello there! 

This is the very first post of this blog. I've taken a stab at serious blogging a few times before, but have never stayed committed to the process. I started out strong, had a plan, knew my focus, was generally excited about the topics I was setting out to write about, but it just didn't stick. 

But this is different. I realize now that I need an outlet. I need a place to gather and collect my thoughts, opinions, memories, and adventures in a time capsule because everything changes at a much quicker pace now. I want to remember the mundane. I want to document the ordinary. I want to be able to look back on my journey. 

Moving forward, I want my life to look a little different. I want to make some major changes and play the long game. I want to set goals and reach them. I want to get to know new and different people. I want to learn from others. I want to be healthy. I want the accountability that an online platform brings. I don't want to take myself too seriously, but I want to be serious about the changes I want and need to make. 

The best way I can describe my life right now is through the title, Losing and Gaining. It's a filter that allows me to pinpoint areas in my life that need change. I need to lose some things: negative self-talk, old weights of shame, literal pounds, and the default to laziness. There are things I want to gain: self-confidence, trustworthiness and integrity, (meaning that I do what I say and respect the boundaries I set for myself when it comes to food and exercise), and a better appreciation for my body.

This blog is not just about a journey to health. It's also a place for me to express my creativity in showcasing things I like (that's what a blog is for right!?).

If you want to get to know me a little bit better, take a couple of minutes to read my About page. You can also follow me on Instagram! I hope that you feel like you can drop a comment to encourage others (and me!) but to also receive encouragement on your own journey! The blogosphere is such a unique and interesting place. It lets you meet people who you most likely would never come in physical contact with. I think that's what I'm excited about the most!

So here we go! Let's lose and gain!  

DiaryJJ Campbell