German Shepherd Lovers Gift Guide

This post might be a little polarizing, but let's all be honest for a sec. German Shepherds are beautiful dogs. They're classic dogs. If we were stereotyping dogs as high school students, they'd be the "quarterback of the football team / really smart guy." They're just cool. 

As a German Shepherd lover, I've acquired a few German Shepherd accessories over the past months, but I'm always on the hunt for more goodies! Here are some of my favorite finds! 

1. German Shepherd Mug. This is my personal favorite coffee cup!  

2. German Shepherd Ornament. Is it ever too early to prepare for Christmas?

3. No truer words. I couldn't find the site of where to purchase this mug, but here's a link to a t-shirt with the same phrase. 

4. Watercolor Art Print. That would look perfect in my house! 

5. This T-shirt. I'd proudly wear that out and about. 

6. This phone case. All the pups!!! I'm freaking out. 

7. AND this phone case! Maybe one day I'll buy all the German Shepherd cases and rotate them out. 

8. GS Keychain. Your dog BFF is with you wherever you go. 

9. Shepaholic throw pillow. This is amazing. I'll take the pink one please. 

Some of these would make great stocking stuffers or little gifties for the German Shepherd lover in your life! Aren't dogs just the best?!

DiaryJJ Campbell