We're Facebook Official, so now What?

Earlier this week Luke and I broke the news that we are on the path to adopting a baby. I don't think I've ever seen such an outpouring of support and excitement from family and friends. We were in tears watching the congratulations posts roll in.

So what happens next?

Our application was accepted by our agency, so the next order of business is turning in our paperwork to apply for our Home Study. Easier said than done. That paperwork includes background checks (local, state, and federal), physical examinations, records to track down, as well as a few other things that put you at the will of other people. 

Hopefully, we can get our part done in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Because we're so new at this, I'm not sure if 2 to 3 weeks is a longshot or totally doable, we'll just have to wait and see! 

Once the paperwork is submitted to our agency, then they will schedule a Home Study. Again, not too sure what the turn around time is between receiving the paperwork and scheduling the visit, but hopefully we'll have the Home Study completed by the end of the year. I'm dreaming big! 

In the meantime, after we do our part to complete the paperwork, we'll start working on Fundraisers and putting our Adoption Profile Book together. The scrapbooker in me is really excited about making it!

We have some fundraiser ideas in the pipeline, but if you have any suggestions on fundraising, please let me know! We're ALWAYS looking for good ideas!

Our first fundraising goal is $2,000. That money will go toward the fees we have to pay in our paperwork and applying for a home study. You can click here to check out our YouCaring profile. 

We cannot do this alone. It's going to take a village, a big village. We're inviting all of our friends and family and future friends to join in with us as we bring our child home. Help us reach our goal!

If you have any insights about domestic infant adoption, preparing for Home Studies, or filling out the paper work, please connect with me! I'm always happy to listen to good advice. Stay tuned for our next update! 

You can click here to read our announcement post along with some FAQs.