We have an Announcement

Attention all friends and family: 

We have some news.


Cue the fanfare and confetti because we're adding another member to
Team Campbell!

This has been a long time coming and we're so excited to share this great news with everyone. 

Luke and I are ready to start our family and we are 100% confident that we are called to adoption. We're hopeful and confidently trusting in God's timing. Adoption is a difficult and bumpy journey filled with highs, lows, and mountains of paperwork, but we know that there is a child out there (or will be a child out there soon) who is meant to be in our family. 

We need all the prayer and support you can give! 

We don't have a ton of answers right now, but here are some highlights: 

Q: Are you adopting domestically or internationally?
A: We are planning to do a domestic infant adoption.

Q: What agency are you using?
A: We are working with Bethany Christian Services. They're amazing! 

Q: Were/are you dealing with infertility?
A: Yes, but that's another story for another time. 

Q: How long will it take?
A: Honestly, that part is pretty up in the air. It could happen really quickly or it could take a while. There's a lot of factors at play like how quickly a birth mom chooses us that fits into the parameters we have decided on, if we are a good match and decide to move forward, how far along in their pregnancy they are when they choose us, etc...

Q: Are you already matched with a baby?
A: Not as of this entry being published. At this point, we are just getting started.

Q: How can we help?
A: You can help us by praying for us and helping us fundraise! We've set up a YouCaring account and every dollar and cent donated will go towards our adoption. 

Q: Are you super excited to get working on the nursery?!
A: I am! I've already picked out a theme, but will not start setting up the nursery until he or she is legally in our care.  Designing a nursery will be SO FUN!

Thank you so much for your current and future love and support. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but in our case it will take a village to get a child. We're inviting you to be a part of our village. 

I'll be posting adoption updates as well as my usual ramblings here on my blog, but don't hesitate to reach out to me and ask questions. So here we go!