Podcast Love


I love to listen to a podcast. I prefer it over listening to music. I enjoy people talking to me, or at me since I can't actually talk back. Anyway, I love Podcasts and I've been listening to two different Weight Loss related podcasts religiously. Months ago, I wrote about my love of the Half Size Me podcast. I still love it! Listening to Heather interview people who lost the weight and are keeping it off is absolutely inspiring. Heather has an incredible story and a wealth of knowledge and experience herself. I love listening to her. Heather, if you're reading this, I feel like I know you and I appreciate you!

Alongside the Half Size Me show, I've recently started listening to a podcast called Primal Potential. It's truly fascinating. I'm just getting to know Elizabeth and I'm hanging on every word. She's also got years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, how food and hormones work, and excellent strategies to put into place.

If you're in the market for encouraging and helpful weight loss related podcasts, I definitley recommend these two. They are different in content (one is interview based and the other is informational based), but share the same message -- habit change over time for lifelong sustainability and maintenance.

Honestly, I need other people to listen to these podcasts like I do so we can talk about it. Happy listening! -JJ