Whole 30


I think I'm ready to take the Whole 30 challenge. After an overwhelmingly beautiful response to my post about dealing with regret, (thank you for all the comments and support!) doing a Whole 30 was suggested more than any other option. I'm planning to start in the next couple of weeks! I'm giving myself plenty of time to research and prepare for the next 30 days.

When I did Ideal Protein last year, it was basically one step further than a Whole 30. I was supposed to only eat protein and certain vegetables along with their products. That worked for me for a little while, but honestly, I couldn't handle the strict restriction. Whole 30 is a little less rigorous. Since I've already done a very restrictive plan for longer than 30 days, I think I'm up to the challenge of the Whole 30!

If you have any tips, advice, recipes, meal ideas, or stories about Whole 30, I would LOVE to hear them! I always appreciate feedback! There are so many resources about Whole 30 out there, I need help figuring out which one is the best one.

If anyone else wants to do Whole 30 along with me, that would be great! I'm planning to start on May 2nd. Let me know and we can form a private Facebook group or something! - JJ