Investing in Myself

Last year Luke and I bought our first house dream house. It's that perfect blend of old and modern. It's got old wooden floors and charm, but new bathrooms. I just love it. I wish that I could invite you all over for a cup of coffee and plant health seminar - I'm the one who needs the seminar on keeping my plants alive btw. While I'm lost in color schemes and dreaming big on curating the perfect details for each room, it got me thinking about how I should have the same approach with my overall health. I'm spending a lot of time, energy, and money on making this house represent my ideal lifestyle, filling it with things that will reflect the kind of person I want to be. I can do the same thing with ME!

I can spend time, energy, effort, and money into making me the person I want to be.

It may be a stretch to link decorating your house with eating well, but it totally connects for me. I've lived in a lot of different places, but I'll only live in one body.

It's odd for me to put my physical health on the same level as picking out a couch or where to hang a picture because I've never done that before. It's easy for me to see myself as not worthy enough to be taken care of.

When you're on a weight loss journey and lifestyle change, you can link anything to your feelings about food.

Just like filling your house with things you love while you're on a budget takes time and careful planning, so does health! I'd be crazy if I expected my home to be decorated perfectly, reflecting who I want to be in one day or one week. True design takes time to figure out what you like and what you don't like. True health takes time, planning, and commitment.

You don't give up on a room design because you can't have that expensive tufted leather sectional at the moment. You wait, you plan, you save, you watch for it to go on clearance or when there's a sale (obvs). Same goes for me in my body. Time is an investment.

Speaking of decorating, here are some pictures of the little decorating I've done. I've got some fun ideas for my house that will happen (hopefully) soon!

Joyfully, JJ