Navigate Change. Stay Consistent.


That title is an oxymoron, but totally sums up my current season of life. A lot of change is happening and I have to figure out how to navigate those changes, but stay consistent and on plan.

Change is good. We have to adapt to what's going on around us and come out with a positive attitude. A couple of months ago, a whole Sunday at Vertical was dedicated to the subject of change -- Growing People Change. Definitely worth a listen.  We discussed how change is the fuel for growth in our lives. I really track with that.

I can't expect my circumstances to stay the same. If I want to grow, I have to expect change. I've navigated this concept pretty well in most areas of my life except one. The Ideal Protein protocol / eating well / being healthy. For too many weighs in than I'd like to admit, I've cried in Brittany's office and told her that when I started Ideal Protein ______ wasn't going on, ___________ wasn't as stressful, ____________ was different.

Basically, life happened. Things are different in my life than they were this summer. I'm busier and have a few more things added to my plate. Some good, some not ideal. I adapted in every area, but food. I threw my hands in the air and quit. I didn't have my controlled environment like I had when I started and wasn't able to handle the pressure of dealing with life's circumstances and practicing self control when it came to what I was choosing to eat and how much I ate.

This again revealed how weak I am in the area of self control. It proved that I need God's grace and strength more than ever. Instead of rising to the occasion, I crumbled. I shrunk back.

Sometimes I feel like stressful situations give me a free pass to eat how much of whatever I want, whenever I want. That's simply not true. That mindset gets me in more trouble than anything else.

Who am I to think that life will be perfect? That stressful situations won't rise up? That changes will happen whether I like it or not?

Navigate Change. Stay Consistent.

I'm repeating that statement over and over. I want to stay consistent in my eating and planning when there's more on my plate than usual. It may not be the funnest, most convenient, and easiest thing to do, but I know that I can succeed and ultimately I know that it's worth it.

Here are some things I want to start doing to be consistent:

Plan. Plan. Plan.

I want to spend time at the beginning of the week, Sunday afternoons maybe, thinking through what I have going on every day. I really want to think through when / where I'll be eating, what I'll be cooking, and if I'll be eating out. My personality type likes preparation and making a plan, but doesn't really like sticking to the plan. I'm going to try to figure out how I can make a plan that I like, and actually stick to it!

Think Long.

Lately I've had trouble seeing past the food decision at the moment. I haven't been able to rationalize and look at the big picture. I haven't been able to pause and tell myself that I really don't need that snack right now, that I'm eating because I'm bored, or the cheeseburger is only going to taste good for moment.

This phrase is helpful, "What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows."

Set Myself up for Success.

When I am prepared in all of the different categories of my life, it will result in good decisions. When I keep putting things off and choose to have a Netflix marathon, I'm setting myself up for failure and laziness. Rest is good, yes, but I don't need to "rest" all afternoon / evening after work.

Setting myself up for success includes basic things like making a grocery list, waking up on time, spending time reading the Bible, preparing lunches ahead of time so I won't have to eat out, etc. SO  many things! So many things worth doing for the big reward.

I know that I can be consistent in self control. I know that I can make good decisions through stressful times. Now, it's just time to want to do it. I'm taking it day by day, week by week. The goals are fresh and the motivation is there. Let's kill it this week. - JJ