Clutter and Value


This whole healthy lifestyle endeavor has encouraged me to evaluate every part of my life from spiritual to physical. I'm convinced that the look and feel of my home directly correlates with my healthy lifestyle. When my space is cluttered, the pots and pans are still out and about, and my clothes are on the floor, it nonverbally communicates value. Not in the good way.

When my space is messy, I'm more inclined to make poor decisions because my environment is communicating that I don't value my things, my space, and ultimately myself. Have you ever thought about that? I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I don't want to set myself up for failure. I've been coming at the actions of tidying, cleaning, and appreciating my things / space all wrong. It's taken me a little while to figure out that my cluttered space makes me more inclined to cheat and not make wise decisions. When my living spaces are tidy and clean, I make better decisions. Is anyone else like that?

When I was in high school, college, and right out of college I could function in my messy room and be perfectly happy. I'm not that way anymore and I'm kind of glad.

I think part of me was hanging onto my messy tendencies because messy-ness is linked to creativity. I've finally figured out that my clothes don't have to be in a pile on the floor for me to be creative. That was me just being lazy. I've actually discovered that the opposite is true. When my space is clean, my mind is more open to creativity. I want to prune laziness out of every place it could creep in.

So, now that I have a fresh start in a new house I can really take my time and literally get my house in order. I've been reading this book on tidying and decluttering and it's really helping me realize the reasons why behind I want to live in a tidy space. I'm barely into the 3rd chapter and I'm already excited about living in a tidy space!

Anybody have any tips to keep things tidy? - JJ

Here is a fantastic article on some ways to start incorporating the KonMari Method in your home.