The Struggle of a Thursday Weigh In

Thursdays are my weigh in days. They signal a new start to the week. I like weighing in on Thursdays because it's easier to strictly follow the protocol during the week as opposed to weekends, but that leaves me with a big problems: weekend become a free-for-all. It took me a while to admit this to myself, but here's what I was doing. I'd let myself slip up on the weekends knowing that I could pull it together and see the numbers go down by Thursday. Over time, it's gotten worse and worse. It used to be a little treat on Thursdays, but now it's eat whatever I want Thursday to Sunday.

I don't want to do that anymore!

Food does not control me. I control the food.

I'm starting to say that to myself over and over. I think it's helping.

Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to keep it together on the weekends? I'd desperately love to know! - JJ

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