My 12th Week

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset 12 Weeks Y'all. We've been on this journey together for 12 weeks. Hard to believe right?

In my 12th week I was finally able to move past a standstill in my progress. For the past few weeks I haven't lost, gained a pound back, and stayed at the same place. Looking back, I know what I did and more importantly, what I didn't do. In my 12th week I finally broke through the wall!


Let me tell you about these jeans I'm wearing. Well first off, let's talk about wearing pants in general. Over the past 3 years the majority of clothes I've bought for myself have been flowy, empire waiste, A-line style, dresses and skirts. I haven't invested any money in pants.

Pants were uncomfortable. The waist of the pants were pulled so tightly around my waist and thighs that they burrowed into my skin when I would sit down.  Unpleasant. So I stuck to wearing tights and dresses. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and always will love wearing tights and dresses, but I didn't only wear tights and dresses because they were my favorite "uniform." I wore them because pants were uncomfortable and I didn't like the way that shirts hung between my waist and pants.

I was embarrassed by the way I looked in a t-shirt and jeans. During my anti-pants phase, I worked in an office where I would periodically have to wear khaki pants and a polo shirt tucked in with a belt. I was also anti-belt. Something else to add to the pants pain? No thank you! I

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Today I'm singing a different tune. The jeans I'm wearing in these photos have followed me around from apartment to apartment, silently waiting for me to put them back on. Let's call them memory pants. They were the last jeans I remember buying. FYI they are GAP circa 2008. That's a long time to not buy pants.

Also, these aren't stretchy jegging type pants. They're the real denim deal.

Did you expect to read a whole blog about pants?


Obviously, the objective of this journey isn't to fit in my memory pants. It's to be healthy. It's about making a life change. Wearing these old jeans just happen to be a perk. - JJ

Week 12 | STATS -4 lbs -36lbs total.