What Would You Like To Know?

I'm brainstorming blog ideas for this little blog. I think it might be a fun idea to ask you, the reader, what you'd like to read. The goal behind this blog is to encourage. Encourage ME to keep going and make good choices, but also encourage you to tackle every day with a positive attitude and find the joy in everything. IMG_7008

Before I started this journey this summer, I had A MILLION questions and I'm so thankful that people took the time to consult with me and talk me through it. I want to offer the same service to you.

What would you like to know? I'm opening up the floor to questions about my journey, what I've learned, what I've gone through, and anything else. If you have any burning questions or want to hear my opinion on weight loss and life let me know in the comments or private messages.

I can't begin to describe how important the verbal processing part to a life change journey is. Once you get the questions / doubts out of your mind, you'll be surprised at what you can do!

I always say that we're all in this together because we are. I know that I couldn't do it without a strong support system. I'm here for you! - JJ