Encouraging Myself


There is no such thing as a perfect person. The best of intentions aren't worth anything when the action doesn't back it up. This is where I find myself a lot of times in life, not just with food. I had really good intentions to not eat the chips & queso, but I still did it.... Cheats happen. The best thing we can do is to stop, pick ourselves up, and move on. The worst thing we can do is consider the whole day a wash and cheat our little cheaty hearts out. I wrote a similar blog post a few weeks ago when I was battling some major cheat guilt. I've learned a lot since then. The biggest lesson being not to let cheats ruin your mental progress.

So now, instead of feeling guilty for too long, I regroup, refocus, and encourage myself to make better decisions. Here's a snapshot of my inner monologue:

  • Perk up. A cheat doesn't define you.
  • All of your hard work is not undone by one cheat, but it will start to unravel if you continue to make little cheats here and there.
  • Figure out what went wrong, give yourself grace, and start fresh.
  • Little cheats add up fast. Slow down.
  • You're going to feel sick later.
  • The first bite will taste just as good as the last bite. You can stop after the first bite.
  • You know what to do and you're strong enough to do it!
  • You're capable of not letting this cheat be a domino effect.
  • Go be great!
  • Broccoli is your best friend.

The trick is to be kind to yourself. A little exercise to do is to imagine a close friend who cheated on their food plan. How would you talk to them? Would you be mean, hateful and degrading or kind, comforting, and optimistic? Most of us, hopefully, would be encouraging to our friend and say thing like "You'll be okay! Get back on the horse! You can do it!" Why would you talk like that to someone else and not yourself? Treat yourself well.

What about you? What are some things you tell yourself to get motivated? What does your inner monologue sound like? - JJ