My 7th Week


7 W E E K S. Wow. I am so thankful at how fast the time has gone. The days and weeks don't drag. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Its the contrary really. I feel like I'm doing more! My mental space isn't filled with food cravings or what I'm going to eat next. I've honestly never felt like this before. Free from food. It's quite liberating.


FullSizeRender-2My 7th week was a big week! I came off of a +1lb gain in my 6th week, so I was ready to make some major number progress. Week 7 included a trip to the beach (again :) ), a dinner party, and a very normal / routine week. Routine is SO good. I get in hot water when my routine is thrown off.

Now that I've got my weekly routine nailed down, I've got to start working on a better weekend plan.

I've also been watching So You Think You Can dance. I'm a huge fan! Seeing how hard those guys work is inspiring to me. I've also been watching the past season of The Biggest Loser. That show is straight motivation. Don't tell me who won, I'm not there yet. Isn't it funny how random things can inspire you!?


I'm happy to report that week 7 brought on a major milestone: - 30lbs. THIRTY POUNDS. I've never lost that much before! It was only a dream until now. I'm now back down to the weight I was a couple of years ago. I've also been able to fit back into dresses I used to wear all the time. It's like going shopping in your own closet!

I'm pumped up for week 8! - JJ


STATS | week 7 - 7lbs - 30lbs total