Try This: Jicama Fries


Has anyone ever tried Jicama fries? Better question. Has anyone ever heard of Jicama? I'd never even heard of it until a month or so ago. Now I see Jicama fries floating around Pinterest and I spotted my first jicama at the grocery store last week!

This week I decided to be daring and make them!

I followed this good looking recipe from Healthy Recipes.

I'm happy to report that they were easy to make, a little time consuming to definitley start on them before anything else (15 minutes in the microwave + 45 minutes in the oven), and yummy!


They kind of tasted like a sweet potato french fry. Now, don't get in your mind that these are going to taste like fast food french fries. They definitely aren't, but they feel that french fry void.

I challenge you to make these little guys for a nice surprise on your plate. Let me know how it goes! Have a great weekend!- JJ

All Images are not my own. Attribution: Healthy Recipes