20 Ways to Distract Yourself When You Want to Snack


After spending a lovely 2 days with the cutest toddlers in the world, I learned something about parenting. I am not a parent, so when I say this you're probably going to be like "Who doesn't know that?" I picked up on the fact that parenting is all about distractions. If the baby looks like he's about to cry, divert his attention to another toy or quickly start talking to him about something else. My cousins are pros at creating distractions.

That got me thinking. Avoiding certain foods / living on a restricted diet is kind of the same thing. If I'm craving a cheeseburger, going to get in my car to drove to Sonic, and having a mental tantrum*, then I need to distract myself with something else.

*a mental tantrum is when the irrational part of your mind is screaming at you telling you that "one cheat meal won't kill you!" or "you deserve a cheeseburger!"  Have we talked about how mental this life change is?

Basically, I'm comparing myself to a toddler.

In the spirit of distractions, I thought I'd share some ways that I've distracted myself from feasting on the wrong foods:

1. Pick up your favorite hobby. My favorite hobby is crochet. Yes, I'm an old lady.

10400802_10203359567851765_967675508299630354_n2Pick up your 2nd favorite hobby. Sometimes you don't want to do your favorite hobby, so you need a backup hobby. My backup hobby is scrapbooking. I'm a big Project Life fan!

11709735_10204793629782417_2215781619523200207_o3. Clean Up. The simple act of picking up the trash in the living room leads to tidy-ing the living room which leads to vacuuming the living room. If I've got the vacuum out I might as well vacuum the rest of the downstairs. If I'm vacuuming the dining room, then I need to tidy up the dining room. See? This one just builds and builds. Pretty soon you'll have your whole house clean and you didn't cheat! Win Win!

11081341_10204115161981146_3889354301598844598_n4. Clean Out your Closet. A couple of evenings ago it wasn't quite dinner time and I had already eaten my snack for the day. I needed to be as far away from the kitchen as possible. I spent an hour and a half cleaning out the dress side of my closet. Instead of watching the clock and waiting for dinner time I had a hands on activity that was actually pretty fun.

5. Go for a walk. As long as you don't walk to a restaurant. Or a popsicle stand.

6. Text a friend. Tell them about your cravings, then ask them how their day was. Common courtesy.

7. Read a book. Or a Magazine. I recently read It was Me All Along and it was wonderfully inspiring. I also have the new Martha Stewart and Molly Makes magazine on my coffee table.

11411702_10204798194136523_6772038552515612928_o8. Daydream. Picture how you'll look and feel when the weight is gone. I spent a lot of time mentally distracting myself with how things are going to be at this time next year.

9. Go buy supplies for your favorite hobbies. If you don't want to actually do your favorite hobby, looking up new ideas to do with your hobby and buying fun supplies usually does the trick for me. Thankfully, I have relatively cheap hobbies.

10. Research new recipes. Just because you're not actually eating right now, doesn't mean that you can't plan what to eat later.

11. Hang out with a friend. Sometimes just texting a friend isn't enough. Invite them over, go to a coffee shop, or invite them to Hobby Lobby. Who doesn't love meandering around HL?

12. Start a new show on Netflix.

13. Make your Bed. This could technically tie in with number 3, but it could also be separate.


14. Drink a glass of water.

15. Work on your iPhone photography. 

16. Encourage someone over social media. Look through your favorite hashtag and encourage a stranger.

17. Create a progress motivation plan. Lose x amount and you get a prize. Spend a little time dreaming of what your prizes could be!

18. Read through some blogs centered on something you're interested in.

19. Look at this Pinterest Motivation Board!

20. You could always eat lettuce.

Maybe you don't have to distract yourself as much as I do! Do you have any other ideas on distracting yourself from snacking? I'd love to read them in the comments! - JJ