Little Changes Along the Way


Alongside seeing the numbers on the scale change, I've also noticed a few other changes in my attitude, appearance, and overall well being. 1. More Energy

Once I cut out carbs, dairy, and sugar I noticed that I wasn't dying for a nap in the afternoon or fighting back yawns. Just a couple of months ago my energy was zapped by like 3:00. I'd go to bed early and sleep in as late as I could still feeling sluggish. Now, I wake up much easier, Luke might say otherwise, and have significantly more energy throughout the day.

2. No More Red Face

Now, I'm not a scientist, and this could be totally unrelated to diet changes, but I'm willing to bet that it's related. Maybe a year ago I noticed that my cheeks were always flushed. Like bright red. I just thought it was age or not washing my face properly. The redness is almost gone! Better looking skin is never a bad deal. Also, the increase in water helps the skin look healthy and clear as well.

3. No More Stomach Cramps

I've had a fight with my stomach since my senior year of college. I couldn't really process dark leafy greens or lettuce. Stomach cramps and pain had become the norm in my life, just something I was destined to deal with. Not anymore! I didn't know that I didn't feel well. I didn't know that I could feel better!

4. Better Time Management / Task Organization

Okay, this one isn't because of the foods I'm eating, but a result of better planning on my part. To successfully eat healthy and lose weight, you must make a plan and stick to it. Because I've had to spend a little more time planning my week and meals, I've carried that into other areas of my life where that was lacking. I know it was all in my attitude. When I wasn't treating my health as a priority, I generally had a "don't care" attitude towards a lot of things. Becoming more self disciplined in food has helped me become self disciplined in pretty much every area  of my life.

5. Closer to God

Kind of piggybacking off of number 4, I've become more self disciplined in my spiritual walk. In my "don't care" attitude my intentional time with God (reading the Bible and spending time talking to God) fell by the wayside far too many times. There wasn't much drive in my life, but now, I wake up hungry for my time with God.

Another way I've come alive spiritually is that I've constantly been asking the Lord for self control. The self control means that I don't look to food to satisfy me. Instead, God is doing that. It's what He's wanted all along, I just haven't realized it. So instead of turning food into an idol to be worshipped, eating is now a way that I can worship God.

I can honestly say that feeling better on the inside shines bright to the outside. More confidence, more energy, more GOOD! I encourage you to notice non number related changes or non scale victories and share them in the comments! Rooting for you today! - JJ