Month 1 Milestones


Last week, July 3rd to be exact, marked 1 Month of Ideal Protein. It's cliche, but the time really did fly by! I wanted to share with you some things that I've noticed are different about myself after one month of Ideal Protein: One Month Milestones

  • I lost 20 lbs!
  • I cooked mushrooms for the first time
  • My clothes fit the way they are supposed to looser
  • I bought a piece of clothing from H&M size Large -- not XL, not XXL, Large.
  • I'm thinking about food differently - not dwelling on what I can't have, but looking forward to what I can have.
  • I'm strong enough to say no to the desire / temptation to eat when food is in front of me
  • I CAN say no!
  • I CAN go to a Mexican restaurant and not eat chips, queso, and tortillas.
  • the cheats aren't worth it
  • I have abundantly more energy
  • My face isn't as red / flushed
  • I have a more joy filled / optimistic perspective on life.
  • I don't constantly dream about cheeseburgers like I thought I would.

Along with my weekly pictures, I'm also taking once a month progress pictures.


You can see all of my June vs July right here!

I wonder what it's going to be like next month? Let's dream big! - JJ