My 4th Week


4 Weeks. 4 whole weeks of major life change. Kind of blowing my mind. My 4th week was very different from my first 3 weeks (week 1, 2, + 3). I didn't stick to the system. I let old habits seep back into my life. I let my circumstances determine my actions. I didn't thoroughly plan. And I didn't lose any weight.

I wrote a blog about overcoming cheat guilt a couple of days ago and it sheds a little more light on how this week went.



Did I meet my goals for this week? No. Did I make progress? Yes.

The progress came in more ways than a smaller number on the scale. I saw progress when I felt sick after little cheats. I saw progress when I realized my face looks different compared to a month ago.


I walked into The Women's Clinic praying for a miracle. I knew that it was a slim to none chance that I'd see a difference in my weight. I think the miracle I was praying for was that I didn't gain any weight back. I stepped on the scale and saw the same number I saw the week before. No gain (hallelujah!). No loss.

It was good for me not to be rewarded for the cheats I deliberately made. I left the clinic  not wanting to feel disappointed in myself or the choices I made, but determined to think forward, rally, and plan, plan, plan.

I now have a new experience under my belt and it's now ingrained in my brain that cheating isn't worth it. Let's start fresh and have a great week! - JJ

STATS | week 4 - 0lbs - 17lbs total

Also -- Luke and I spent the weekend in Dallas celebrating the 4th with family! We didn't  get to have our photoshoot so these pics will have to suffice.