It's Luke's Birthday!


Today is celebration day at our house! It's Luke's B I R T H D A Y!

I just wanted to take a minute to formally thank Luke for a few things.

Luke, thank you for:

  • being my number 1 supporter.
  • trying everything I cook. I try to make new things every week. Luke is always willing to try whatever I make, even if I think he's going to hate it.
  • making your own changes. He could continue to eat carbs, sugar, and dairy, but he's making the effort to cut out foods alongside me.
  • being my photographer. Every week he takes progress pics of me and edits them.
  • being the hardest worker I know. So full of creativity and talent. Thank you for working hard!
  • staying in with me when we can't go out to dinner all the time
  • talking me out of bad food decision
  • encouraging me every day
  • telling me that I'm beautiful
  • loving me unconditionally

You can't do a lifestyle change without people who have your back. I love you so much, Luke!