My 3rd Week

First off, I want to thank you for reading my blog and encouraging me through comments in person and online. Support is key to a lifestyle change / weight loss journey and I hope you know how grateful I am. My 3rd Week was a normal week. I didn't travel to anywhere like last week, but just enjoyed a very routine week. Just like support a steady routine is key to success... well for me anyway.


Looking back we celebrated Father's Day with a Campbell Family Grill out and I made mushrooms for the first time. Those two instances were not related...

Like I shared a couple of blogs ago, I really started noticing this week that my mind was working differently. No longer am I thinking through the rolodex of food that I don't need to eat, but focusing on new ways to make old favorite vegetables. It's been a big week in the mental progress department.

This week I saw a -3lb difference on the scale. Not as glamorous or exciting as a -6lb or -8lb loss, but it's still progress! It's crazy to think that I'll pull big numbers like that every week. That's not a healthy way to lose. Slow and steady.


This week my goal is to get to the -20lb mark! I'll be making "JJ History" as I've never lost -20lbs before. What can I do to celebrate?! I sincerely hope that you have a great week. We can all make good choices together. I'm here rooting for you! - JJ

STATS | week 3 -3lbs -17lbs total