4 Reasons why I chose Ideal Protein

Today I wanted to share some reasons why I decided to follow the Ideal Protein (IP) Method. A few people have asked why I chose Ideal Protein and I thought it would be fun to give you the behind the scenes information.


Over the past year I watched a couple of friends follow the IP Method and have great success. Digging a little deeper, I went to the Ideal Protein website and read story after story of other people’s successes. I read testimony upon testimony about how committing to the effort of being healthy dramatically changed those peoples lives.

I decided that it was time for me to stop watching other people succeed. It was time to stop standing by the starting line and actually jump in and join the race.

I first heard about Ideal Protein a few years ago on a routine trip to the doctor. I wasn’t wise enough to listen to my doctor’s counsel as we walked through the information pamphlet. I was too arrogant to admit that I needed help. I thought I had my diet and lifestyle under control, but in reality it was the opposite. Food controlled me.

Timing is Everything

That little statement is so true. For years I talked the talk of, “wow, I’ve got to start making changes” then the next day tear up a Chick-fil-a Sandwich and fries. Nothing stuck. No conviction or motivation was present after a week or two. I'd just fall back into old habits. 

I hate to admit this, but I just didn’t care enough. I didn’t care enough about my body to actually take care of it, treat it like a temple, and put in healthy fuel. I lived in the moment and was more concerned with how the ice cream and french fries would taste instead of going up a pants size. Thankfully, things are different now. I can look ahead. I can see past right now. The timing is right and I am committed to keeping it up.

The Plan Makes Sense

When my dietician went over the guidelines to the program it totally made sense for me. I need the guidelines and black and whites. Left up to my own decisions, I’ll indulge too much and too often tell myself it’s not a big deal. That’s one of the reasons why Weight Watchers didn’t really work for me (it’s a great program and people have been successful at losing the weight and keeping it off, it’s just not the best plan of action for me personally.) I don’t need the option to eat what I want even if it’s allowed in my points allowance. I need the gutter guards.

I know what I can eat at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Nothing is left up to chance and nothing is up in the air. I can’t have the option to track as I go because I’ll leave things off. I’ve done it too many times with tracking apps and food journals. I’ll skip writing down that piece of cake because “I don’t know how many calories that is” or any other excuse I could come up with. I know myself and I know where I struggle. Free will to eat anything in moderation is not my strength. It’s my kryptonite. 

Weekly Accountability

This is another major factor of why I chose Ideal Protein. Once a week I go to my doctor’s office to talk with my dietician, weigh in, and get IP products for the week. Just knowing that someone is going to look at the number on the scale, make eye contact with me, and talk to me about my week is enough to keep me motivated and on track.

Phasing Off and Education

There are 4 phases to IP. You stay in Phase 1 until you’re almost at your goal weight, then phase off to 2, then 3, then 4. I’ll be living in Phase 1 for a while, but I know that when the time comes for the next steps I’ll be educated on how to maintain and keep the weight off without using the IP products.

I like knowing that people will be with me along the way. Helping me and educating me as I back all the way up to learning how to eat in moderation. 

Those are the major reasons why I chose this particular program. I would LOVE to talk with anyone who has done Ideal Protein or knows anyone currently on the plan. - JJ