Making Mental Progress

Yesterday I started noticing that my new eating method / the way I view food is becoming more natural to me. Whenever I'm thinking about restaurants or things to make for dinner, I don't shuffle through all of the things that I can't eat. Instead, I automatically think of things that are allowed in Phase one of Ideal Protein. This new way of eating is becoming my norm. The distance I've put between myself carbs, dairy, and sugar is really taking root. This is a MAJOR deal. I used to dream about food that was covered in gooey cheese and fried. Now I'm dreaming up new vegetables to roast.

I just never thought that I'd be happy living without certain foods. Now, I don't think about them anymore (for the most part). And that my friend is mental progress. I'm going to continue to make mental progress just by making good choices and being excited about making good choices!

Do you have any stories on how you realized you'd made mental progress? I'd love to hear them!