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Cue the Confetti because we're growing team campbell!

After months of prayer and conversations, we've decided to adopt! We are overwhelmingly excited to bring a child into our home and start our family. We are ready to teach him or her the best things that we know.


We feel led to choose the Domestic Infant Adoption route and are looking forward in great anticipation to be matched with a baby.

It's our dream to have a family and we hope that you will consider helping us make our dream a reality.  We have a donations goal of $23,000 that will go towards the cost of the adoption. Every donation is important and will help make this adoption a success.

You can click the "join our village" button to give financially,  click the "raise the funds" button to participate in our fundraisers, and click the "what's next" keep up with our progress throughout the stages. Thank you so much for being a part of our lives and helping accomplish something that's important to all of us! 

Join our village

We know that it takes a village to raise a child, but for us it's going to take a village to get a child. We are inviting you to join our village. Adoption is a long and expensive process and we would deeply appreciate your financial contribution as well as your commitment to prayer for us and our families. 


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