Hi! My name is JJ Campbell.

I'm a Southern girl full of big ideas and dreams. I see things through a "glass-half-full" lens and want to spread as much joy as humanly possible. Through this blog you'll live every day life with me as I focus on my personal health and wellness.

I also want to take you to my favorite local restaurants, share recipes, and invite you into my home via iPhone photos and good ole fashioned southern hospitality. 


I'm married to Luke.

He's a graphic designer and musician who directs all creative elements at our church. We're very different, but very similar at the same time. We have a total blast together doing DIY projects for our home (he does the heavy lifting, I "supervise" lol) and trying new recipes! I'm thankful we get to be together every day.


I'm a dog mom.

We spoil a German Shepherd named Buddy every day. He's the cutest dog in the world! He's our child. If you ever want to experience the joy of a 100+ pounds of love and fur running towards you, let me know. We'll set up a play date. 


I bake and make stuff. 

I have a few hobbies that keep the creativity flowing. I bake cakes (I'm an amateur baker, no professional or anything) and love making a sweet, sticky mess in my kitchen. 

One of my other favorite hobbies is crochet. I crochet throughout the year and sell my wares at local craft markets under the name Hook + Yarn. The creating and crocheting is fun, but I really enjoy the market atmosphere. I love getting to meet new people! You can check out my crochet side hustle, here


The three of us together make up The Campbell House! We're currently working toward expanding The Campbell House by adopting our first child! Read more about that on our Adoption Hub. Thank you for reading and clicking over to my blog. Maybe we can meet for coffee one day! 

P.S. You can follow me and/or Luke on Instagram. Fair warning: our insta-stories are 90% Buddy.