Hi! My name is JJ Campbell

I'm a Southern girl full of big ideas and dreams. I see things through a "glass-half-full" lens and want to spread as much joy as humanly possible. Through this blog you'll live every day life with me as I focus on my personal health and wellness.

I'm married to Luke

He's a graphic designer and musician who directs all creative elements at our church. We're very different, but very similar at the same time. He's a 6 on the Enneagram and I'm a 7. It makes for some hilarious times!  We have a total blast together doing DIY projects for our home (he does the heavy lifting, I "supervise" lol) and trying new recipes! I'm thankful we get to be together every day.

I'm a dog mom

We spoil a German Shepherd named Buddy every day. He's the cutest dog in the world! He's our child. If you ever want to experience the joy of a 100+ pounds of love and fur running towards you, let me know. We'll set up a play date. 

The three of us together make up The Campbell House! We're currently working toward expanding The Campbell House by adopting our first child! Read more about that on our Adoption Hub. 

P.S. You can follow me and/or Luke on Instagram. Fair warning: our insta-stories are 90% Buddy. 

What i blog about

I've got a lot of interests, but I think my greatest "interest" or "hobby" is connecting with other people. I believe that every interaction, whether in person or online, is an opportunity to encourage and make new friends! One of the ways I like to connect with others is my sharing things that I'm passionate about and things I'm interested in. 

On this blog you'll see what I'm interested in, what I'm learning, and what I'm loving. Topics include: 

  • Healthy Living - I am working towards overhauling my lifestyle to be a healthier person. To me that looks like eating well, using good products, and being spiritually healthy
  • Confidence Building - I love feeling empowered and I want to empower other women to be confident in who they are. 
  • Personal Style - I love home design and personal fashion. I believe that everyone can figure out what they like and be uniquely "them." Trends and stuff are cool, but I'm more interested in helping  people, myself included, figure out the things they don't just like, but will love for a long time. 
  • New Things - I love trying new things! It doesn't matter what it is or how big or how small, doing new stuff gets my blood pumping! Hopefully, you'll be inspired to try something new too!

Hopefully through my sharing, we'll find things in common and you can know that you're always welcome around The Campbell House. Have a super great day!

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